MedEcho CBD Launches First Healthcare Licensing Concierge Program in Wesley Chapel, FL

MedEcho, CBD Derived for Healthcare to launch the first healthcare licensing concierge program for the Wesley Chapel, Florida area.

Summary: Florida-based MedEcho, CBD Derived for Healthcare, paves the path for a new age of CBD operations by launching the first healthcare licensing concierge program to enhance distribution and support within the Wesley Chapel, Lutz, and Zephyrhills community.

Headed by Karin Johnson, MPH, BS, CN, the team at MedEcho has begun working to increase the trust and value in the medical industry with the use of Hemp CBD since operations began. A focus on partnering with trusted healthcare professionals has especially led to notable client results on a wide scale, and this is a focus that MedEcho CBD is furthering with the recent launch of its first ‘local licensed concierge program’.

As the first local program to include eCommerce and local community efforts alongside distribution and support initiatives with specialized area ownership for licensed healthcare professionals, this program heralds a new age of Florida-based CBD handling.

By simplifying the promotion of advances in the safe and natural approaches offered by Hemp CBD across local healthcare facilities, the program aims to increase understanding and usage of a natural pain management alternative that 52% of those surveyed stated Hemp CBD was more effective than over-the-counter medication [1].

MedEcho of Wesley Chapel has especially taken the time to develop the most inclusive program possible, ultimately making it easier to promote the benefits of a natural approach to certain medical conditions including the management of pain management, sleep, stress, and beyond.

Condition-Specific Formulas

With the launch of its licensed concierge program, MedEcho becomes the first company to provide condition-specific CBD formulas throughout the local Wesley Chapel community. This goal will be achieved through the use of a wide range of clinically validated ingredients, including glutathione, menthols, EMU oils, melatonin, valerian root, and other natural herb ingredients. These will be combined with MedEcho’s medical-grade Hemp CBD, which is put through a rigorous 5x testing program that considers both potency and THC assurance to comply with Federal and State regulations.

MedEcho will then enable healthcare providers to recommend CBD products for the management of a wide range of conditions that include insomnia, high stress, anxiety, pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and so on. Solutions will be formulated per these condition-specific recommendations. The increased results reported clinically stand-alone to alter both local CBD usage and distribution, as well as setting a standard for future programs of this kind elsewhere.

Medically Verified CBD

MedEcho is a premier CBD provider that focuses on innovative products, ingredients, and delivery methods, and all of this comes together across its licensing concierge program. The expanded reach that this program stands to offer is especially made possible by the use of CBD products that are always produced in FDA and OTC registered facilities, and are tested a further five times in a vigorous laboratory setting before use.

This level of quality control, alongside the use of clinically validated ingredients across local healthcare partnerships, will bring the use of CBD to medical settings on a wide scale. This is a goal that MedEcho has been working to make a reality throughout its time on the market, and the launch of this latest program is the most notable step that the company has taken towards making this a reality for Wesley Chapel.

Press inquiries can be directed to Karin Johnson at Postal queries can be directed to 1936 Bruce B Downs Blvd, #514, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544. More details of MedEcho’s work can be found at

[1] * Brightfield Group, in partnership with HelloMD, Study: Understanding Cannabidiol | CBD - July 2017

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