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Enduring Relief with Medical-Grade Hemp CBD without Systemic Effects of Medication

MedEcho is Safe and Non-Addictive*

Hemp CBD has been found in studies to be safe and non-addictive

Our Hemp is Not Marijuana

Hemp CBD is not an illegal drug and it will not get you high

Don't Pass on Hemp


surveyed found Hemp CBD products "More Effective" relieving medical conditions over prescription medications**


surveyed replaced their over-the-counter products with Hemp CBD products**


is the THC level tested and guaranteed in MedEcho Hemp CBD products removing any concerns of intoxicating effects

* HHS Public Access - Oral cannabidiol does not produce a signal for abuse liability - Drug Alcohol Depend. 2017 March 01;

** Brightfield Group, in partnership with HelloMD, Study: Understanding Cannabidiol | CBD - July 2017

Healthcare's Solution to Help Manage Pain, Sleep, and Stress

Results with Programs

We remove the questions on how much CBD to use, when to apply, and what to expect with step-by-step program kits

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Medical-Grade Products

We only use USA organic Hemp CBD sources that are free of toxins and products manufactured in FDA/OTC certified facilities to ensure quality and purity

MedEcho Hemp CBD Earth to Extract Certification Program

5x Guaranteed Testing 

Final Products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from third-party labs providing guarantees on Hemp CBD purity and potency plus THC level assurance

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

Have questions or need additional guidance?  Your Wesley Chapel Concierge is available by email, phone, or text to provide the answers you need